Even President Trump Can See -

Perfect Evidence Of The 9/11 Terror Attack Plane Being Fake CGI And Demonstration Of It

translated by Obi-Wan

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Even After The Nose Crashed Into The Tower, The Fuselage And Tail Of The 9/11 Terror Attack Plane Keeping On At The Same Speed Positively Prove That The Plane Itself Was Fake CGI
Everyone can verify the physical evidence of "the fake CGI" by means of frame by frame analysis of "the TV clip of the terror attack 9/11 plane slamming into the Tower."
( At the end of this section, instead of these "frame by frame pictures," larger ones with captions are copied and pasted. / These frames without captions, however, can be magnified slide photo movie by clicking on them. )

Frame by frame analysis of the TV clip shows United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767-222, shortly before hitting the South Tower of the World Trade Center complex, has covered its full length of the airframe of 48.5 m ( less than 160 ft ) at a speed of 0.2 second, equivalent of "6 frames."
( The video clip contains 30 frames within a second, so its 6 frames are equal to 0.2 sec. )

The plane covers about 8 m ( 26 ft ) at every frame, which means 242.5 m/sec ( 795 ft/sec ), or 873 kph ( 542 mph ) = Mach 0.81. So the plane performs an amazing turning flight* at a speed exceeding a cruising speed of Mach 0.80.
( * According to other video footage, United Airlines Flight 175, now universally known as "the second plane," unlike a commercial airliner, allegedly made an amazing steep turn at a cruising speed shortly before crashing into the South Tower. )

From the very moment the nose hits the southern facade of the Tower till the whole airframe goes into the wall, "the flight speed never slows down as you measure it at the tail of the plane."
This is quite unusual.
Moreover, "the tip" of the swept wings never changes its relative position to the airframe as a whole. We must pay attention to these anomalies.

The moment the nose slams into the facade of the South Tower, the sturdy nose landing gear and the cockpit within the fuselage of the Boeing 767-222 as well as the twin huge heavy engines and the main landing gear under the wings should be decelerating the rear parts of the plane rapidly as these components are shattered into fragments.
This is because of the impact ( mechanical interaction ) of the crash against the wall and floor structures of the building.
There are 60 high-strength steel columns within each wall.
But neither the tail unit nor the leading edge of the wings seems to be seriously affected by the impact.
In fact, the plane covers its full length of the airframe of 48.5 m ( less than 160 ft ) at a rate of less than 6 frames ( 0.2 second ) and completely enters the wall.
The speed remains nearly unchanged from the moment the plane initially hits the Tower.
The airliner's fuselage and wings with hollow structures made from thin aluminum alloy do enter the Tower by cutting right through more than 40 high-strength steel columns in an instant ( just as a kitchen knife cuts a daikon radish ) .

As a result of the nose crashed into the South Tower, the plane decelerated greatly as it fell to pieces.
In the process, its thrust should have been completely lost as its engines were wrenched off, and the root of the wings should have been utterly destroyed.
Even so the very edge of the wings and the rear part of the fuselage and the tail assembly went on moving at a speed of Mach 0.81 ~ 0.82 * as they still kept their original relative positions securely.
You should take notice of the fact that the relative position of the tip of the wings and the vertical fin never changes from the 10th to 12th frames.
[ NB * : depending on how you interpret the frame by frame footage, however, if you consider even the tail unit goes in at the fifth frame after the crash, it follows that the plane goes much faster after the crash at a speed of 291 m/sec ( 954.7 ft/sec ) or 1047.6 kph ( 650 mph ) = over Mach 0.85 . ]

Just imagine !

For example, a car rams into a stone wall at a speed of 100 mph with its hood and engine and passenger compartment wrecked. Even so its rear bumper singly maintains a speed of 100 mph till it enters the wall in the end. Isn't it too absurd to believe?

In terms of physics, when a body begins to break as it crashes against a wall, kinetic energy transforms into destructive energy. As a result, its velocity decreases very rapidly.
( The wall of the WTC building broke and had holes when hit by the plane. This means the transformation of energy actually occurred. )

But you cannot perceive the resultant rapid deceleration in the video footage, which means "a collision does not take place in a physical sense."

It goes to show perfectly that "the crashing airliner" and everything else were sheer fakes.

A science enthusiast can easily see that the so-called terror attacks are a pack of lies. Even he or she is an elementary school student.

Now you can verify with your own eyes that the 9/11 terror attack TV clip was just "a poor fake." In other words, a fake CGI airliner was simply added later into the video footage of the blasting of the Twin Towers.

( However, unlike the actual scenes witnessed by those who happened to see the explosion on the spot, the blasting itself might have been different altogether.
It is likely that almost all of us are under an illusion that we saw the actual explosion only because we were often exposed to the footage of the moment of the explosion as the plane hit the Tower. But perhaps it was all fake CGI to begin with.
If that is the case, we are simply amazed at its poor workmanship. For they surely had to put a lot of time into fabricating "the CGI video of the plane crashing into the Tower" as they painstakingly prepared it beforehand.... )

Maybe A Better Explanation By Paraphrasing It Another Way

If an airborne body plunges into water all at once, its speed slows down because the resistance of water is greater than that of air ( the density of water is 800 times higher than that of air ).
( A high dive is a good example. A diver rarely dies by knocking his or her head against the bottom of the pool simply because his or her falling speed is greatly reduced by plunging into the water. )

If an airborne body crashes into clay all at once, its velocity slows down in an instant because the resistance of clay is far greater than that of air.

If an airborne body plunges into sand all at once, its velocity comes closer to zero in an instant because the resistance of sand is enormously greater than that of air.

If an airborne body crashes into a wall of reinforced concrete all at once, its velocity will be reduced to next to zero in an instant because the resistance of a concrete steel wall is infinitely great.

Moreover, if the airborne body happens to be a jetliner, in any instance listed above, its engine breaks down and stalls, the moment it sucks in water, clay, sand or fragments of concrete ( as a substitute for air ).
( Jet engines are vulnerable after all. Even "a bird hit" caused by sucking in a crow or gull could lead to engine failure.
A jet engine sucks air in and raises the pressure of it by the compressor to a high temperature, then it is sprayed with jet fuel and the mixture is ignited. So if you substitute fragments of concrete for air, they cannot run the engine. )

The wings are torn from the fuselage at the same time.
Since the engines are mounted on the wings, the jetliner loses all its thrust in an instant.

The entering speed of the rest of the fuselage and tail parts is greatly reduced by the destruction and pulverization of the fore part as well as by the blast of exploding jet fuel. So it never happens that an entire jet airliner crashes into a ferroconcrete wall at an airborne speed.

If the flight speed never changed even after crashing into the South Tower wall indeed, on-board passengers, then, could not fly out even without seat belts or airbags because the shock of the crash did not affect them, at least on impact.

Let us suppose that some aircraft could instantaneously dig a hole, once rammed into a stone wall, bedrock or reinforced concrete, and that it went on at a constant speed even after the crash without meeting any resistance at all. If so, all the bits of huge Tunnel Boring Machines for Metro system or those of rock drills should be replaced with the super-efficient Boeing 767 type bits from now on.
( The Boeing Company should make a thorough investigation of their subtle mechanism immediately and file for a patent on it. )

All joking aside, crashing into a huge wall means "the ultimate hard brakes being slammed on."

That is all.

A series of pictures quoted below is captured images from the video recording of the program "Chikyu Dramatic - A Voice Leading To Miraculous Survival," broadcast in NHK Educational TV on May 13, 2013, here in Japan.
Its original is the famous video clip broadcast repeatedly on ABC television since the night of the terror attacks. So everyone may remember seeing it.
But in the NHK program, about a quarter of the lower edge of the video clip has been trimmed.
( Probably a CGI-like reflection appeared unexpectedly on the windshield of a car in the lower edge of the clip. Some doubts about it have already been pointed out on YouTube or other websites. So they trimmed it away. )
Unfortunately, the present writer does not have unprocessed original video footage.
If supporters who help copy and distribute this document can make it flawless by replacing these frames with captured screenshots from the original clip on ABC television, please do so by all means.

This writer happened to have recorded the above-mentioned program digitally and later found "9/11 crash pictures" on the program. Trying frame-by-frame playback showed a positive proof that it was pure CGI.

These are the frame-by-frame pictures.


This Demonstration Of The Theory That The 9/11 Terror Attack Plane Being Fake CGI Is A Burrowing Of An Ant Into The Embankment

The moment people the world over, children and women included, understand this simple and plain demonstration, the proverbial ant comes true. A huge dam filled with a pack of lies will collapse as it gives in to pressure.

The fact that no aircraft had ever crashed into the Twin Towers in the first place and that these planes were fake CGI, shows that the 9/11 simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks were faked by the alleged victims. In other words, they were most heinous crime by the U.S. government at the cost of thousands of lives.

There is a high probability that all the on-board passengers of United Airlines Boeing 767-222 and other three aircraft were murdered only because "their survival might cause trouble," even though these planes had not crashed into the Twin Towers and other targets. This crime surpasses the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in its cold-bloodedness. The latter incident allegedly occurred in 1964, also proved to be faked by the U.S. agency ( and Congress concluded that it had been a transparent pretext for war ).
( Postscript : the most important passenger lists have not been publicized at all. So the chances are that none of the planes allegedly hijacked and used for terror attacks took off in the first place. )

The 9/11 terror attack gimmicks were an unmentionably crude and monstrous big plot on the part of the Bush Administration. They were intended for complete destruction of "incriminating important documents" hidden in collapsed three WTC buildings and in the Pentagon. They provided a pretext to overthrow the Taliban government in order to revive ( the CIA's covert source for funds ) cultivation of opium poppies once suppressed by the Talibans in northern Afghanistan ( since the CIA is a virtual manager of drug trafficking in the United States ) . They also provided a pretext for the Unocal project to build oil pipelines inside Afghanistan without the intervention of the Taliban insurgency ( Hamid Karzai originally worked for the oil company Unocal ) . In this occasion, many pretenses and excuses were fabricated to help activate FEMA by the declaration of a state of emergency and to legislate the USA Patriot Act so as to make the U.S. a total police state by the FBI and a total surveillance state by the NSA at the same time.

Dick Cheney, then Donald Rumsfeld, and their puppet George W. Bush, and all the officials implicated in the plot, and those key members of the American media and NIST ( National Institute of Standards and Technology ) who participated in the most serious and pernicious cover-up that deceived the whole world, should be arrested and imprisoned immediately and sentenced to death, because they have committed most serious crime against victims and their families, the Afghan people, and humanity.
( We must never forget that there are innocent people who were framed as the hijackers or plotters and lost their honor by this terror fraud case. They are victims as well. Terror attacks using aircraft never took place. )


To the righteous American citizens ( to the righteous American women and children in particular )

Such a huge crime committed by the U.S. government as if it would cast aside worldwide honor of the American people and betray the trust of whole Americans, should be denounced by all righteous American citizens ( American women and children in particular ) and exposed and punished as a result of fair justice.

If the above-mentioned criminals, a handful of people who occupy the top echelon of the American society, are tolerated by the Obama Administration without being accused of treason, then, millions and tens of millions of people all over the world could be wounded and murdered, and as a consequence, not these shameless criminals but good American citizens as a whole might get the blame for it.

It is only righteous American citizens that can rectify terrible wrongs perpetrated by the top echelon of the United States - great military power in the world - by deceiving her own people.

It is righteous children and women among American citizens that can most effectively say right things without resorting to violence and check on lies.

Unlike "the Children's Crusade" in the days when neither cameras nor the Internet was available, now the power of children and women is far from ephemeral; protected by ubiquitous video cameras or digital cameras, and real-time Internet relays as well, they dare to inquire as they confront officials with the proof of misconduct and nasty lies on the part of the U.S. government. Those children and women are much safer than those who took part in Mahatma Ghandi's nonviolent civil disobedience movement in the days when there were only journalists' pens and cameras. So they are sure to become strongest power to put right the deceptive government.

You should never resort to any act of violence whatsoever. There cannot be any stronger power in the world than that of persistent rightful denunciation by totally nonviolent children and women, protected not by arms but by real-time video cameras and the Internet relays.

The United States has great military strength, so she can simply ignore denunciation of foreign countries in the United Nations. Confronted with the logical cross-examination of her own righteous children and women, however, she cannot keep on dismissing it forever.

In an advanced nation today, children and women are the strongest in society.

Blamed by his own children, grandchildren, mother, wife or girlfriend, the worst villain would mend his ways, if he has a shred of conscience or honesty left in him.
( It is just like an innocent child in a fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes," a web of lies fell to pieces in the country by his single word... )

Righteous American citizens, I entreat you all, please, please, please, please help normalize this world by trying real hard to expel a handful of heinous criminals one and all who are still staying at the top.

May the force be with you.

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